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Exhaustion disorder is the medical term for a condition who is caused by long term exposure of stress. In a modern stressed out society It's spreading around the world like a wildfire and maybe you have someone at work, in your family or acquaintance of friends whose affected.
Sometimes exhaustion disorder has elements of depression but not all the time and it's a common confusion to mix depression and exhaustion disorder like they were the same thing. Exhaustion disorder is a psychological diagnosis but can be expressed by physical symptoms as well. Abnormal tiredness, high blood pressure och high pulse are some of the examples of physical signals but can, of course, have other explanations.
Tens of thousands of people have taken the chance to answer the KEDS nine-question test to get a deeper understanding of there behaviors and to be able to make a change if needed.


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KEDS, Karolinska Exhaustion Disorder Scale 9 is a questioner containing 9 questions where you rate your own experience regarding different statements. The test is developed by a team of scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.
It's not a test in the meaning of right and wrong answers.
Its purpose is to make you pay attention to risk behaviors regarding stress-related illness and give you a chance to act as fast as possible. The more points you get the higher the probability of having problems with a stress-related illness. Your result is as good as you are being honest to your self and when you answer you will do so with a 2 weeks perspective.
If you like to take the test, click here.